A report by SuperData, indicated that the PC online multiplayer sector will climb 13% in 2016 to $19.8 billion in revenues. Free-to-play (F2P) titles will account for an overwhelming 89% of that total. F2P games are growing in popularity, helped by the elimination of entry barriers. This is allowing developers to penetrate markets in developing countries where owning a TV console is a luxury.

As a result it’s made the barrier to entry low, but the barrier to succeed even higher. The F2P games market is highly competitive. Many developers have consolidated to compete with the larger publishers. Advancements in technology and frequent changes in consumer demands is a constant challenge in this market.

Part of the challenge for F2P titles to succeed is their reliance on so called “whales”. “Whales” are players that spend a sizable amount of money in a game. These “whales” are always looking out for quality games and provided the game keeps them engaged, they will not think twice about spending large amounts of money. It only takes a few high-spending players to offset the cost of giving free access to others.

The key to advancing in this market is a distinguished product offering and a strong integrated marketing plan. These two factors help ensure high quality user acquisition, retention and monetization.

Not so long ago the primary user acquisition channel for F2P desktop games was Facebook. With the advancement of smartphone penetration this core acquisition channel started to decline. What has since resulted is many game developers re-assessing their user acquisition strategies.

The solution?

A multi-channel advertising approach combined with intelligent interpretation of key KPI’s and performance metrics to improve the free-to-play user acquisition model.

The users acquired by Siren Group had higher than average monetization rates, which resulted in greater retention rates. Through creative, targeted and relevant advertising Siren Group generated 100,835 new users.

The social MMO games company benefited from:

  • Proven, measurable results in acquiring high-value spenders. Users acquired monetized better than the average user.
  • Improved user acquisition model and optimized traffic based on KPIs.
  • Deep understanding of performance metrics, including CPI, CTR, CPE and CPA.
  • Intelligent interpretation of key KPI’s including DAU/MAU ratio (daily/monthly active users), average number of sessions, churn/attrition rates and average revenue ratios ARPU/ARPDAU.

We help social MMO gaming companies achieve scale through profitable user acquisition. As a partner you can expect thousands of new leads per month for a single game in countries with large populations. Contact us to learn more.