The first challenge for any online retailer is to build a dynamic, customer servicing website. The second, toughest challenge is the ability to generate enough traffic online to ensure the business is sustainable.

Business to consumer (B2C) e-commerce relies heavily on capital investment and economies of scale, the e-commerce industry has seen many mergers due to this.

Many emerging markets sit with low online retail penetration levels sitting between 1- 3% of all commerce. This figure is growing in recent years and is likely to grow further with internet penetration. Over and above the slow growth in e-commerce, there are many other difficulties.

Challenges like:

  • High initial costs investing in advertising. A cost which is critical to building a customer base and brand awareness.
  • Limited resources. Experienced media buying teams to ensure effective advertising results.
  • Competition and high acquisition costs. Key acquisitions with global e-commerce players entering the market and high last-mile logistic costs.
  • Brand control. The tech-savvy customer are unsubscribing from emails, disregarding commercials and enabling ad blocking software. Brands who want to connect with potential customers need to be clever about how they go about delivering their message and where they are committing their advertising spend.

The Solution

Facebook is well-known as a highly valuable advertising channel for driving product awareness and discovery. With over 1.86 billion daily active users and it being the most popular social network site worldwide. Using Facebook was the obvious choice to reach the right audience by implementing advanced targeting techniques through various ad campaigns.

The key goals that were set out to achieve included:

  • Identify important customer behaviour and demographics – target customers with higher than average transaction value (ATV).
  • Produce exceptional quality ad copy in a native language across 11 different countries who all speak different languages.
  • Create localized and customized messaging to attract the right people.
  • Devise tactics using advanced audience targeting for maximum reach.
  • Scale up  customer acquisition and brand awareness.
  • Substantially increase the online retailers company revenue.

Siren Group devised a strategy and implemented advanced targeting tactics. This helped the online retailer to reach the right audience through various campaigns using Facebook Ads.

The customers acquired were more valuable than the average customer, with higher than average basket sizes and repurchase rates.

Discover how we helped this leading online retailer gain over 100,000 new high quality customers using Facebook Ads. The end result led to millions of dollars in revenue for the online retailer.