Pokémon GO has become a worldwide phenomenon, taking gamers out of the living room  to catch ’em all.” Users take to the streets as they compete to capture, train and battle Pokémon characters with their mobile phones.

It’s becoming so big that police departments across the globe are issuing practical warnings. Warnings to protect the safety of gamers known as, Pokémon trainers.

The game is currently almost surpassing Twitter with over 21 Million active users. From a business perspective, the platform should not be ignored. Especially if Millennials are your target market!

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You’re wondering “How on earth can Pokémon Go help me find life insurance leads?”

Prospecting and getting people to come to you for their life insurance needs is most likely the hardest part of your selling process. And unbelievable as it may sound, you can use Pokémon Go to make them come to you.

Here are 6 tactics worth trying which may just help you catch ’em all.

1. Get In On The Fun

First, you have to be in it to win it. Now is the time to play and learn the game and watch how Pokémon Go evolves. Play the game at your office location and figure out if you’re lucky enough to be a PokéStop or Gym or even close to one.

By playing the game yourself, you will better understand the user base. It will also be easier to find ways which you can capitalize on the game’s popularity. The game is evolving at a rapid pace and more and more unknown opportunities may come from it.

2. Pokémon Go Places To Be

In the game, there are two types of fixed locations that are important to most of the game strategies. PokéStops and Pokégyms. These locations regularly attract players throughout the day.

PokéStops are buildings or places of note around a city where players go to, to grab some extra Poké Balls and potions. Many of these stops are businesses – if yours isn’t, then there should be one nearby. At this stage, it’s not possible to buy or a rent a PokéStop but who knows, it may be soon.

Pokégyms are places where players battle their Pokémon. In a bid to gain control of the location for their team.

Find a stop or gym near you in the app, and engage with the potential buyers in Pokémon battles. Virtual battles = real connections.

3. Purchase ‘Lures’

For a small fee, it’s also possible to create what’s called a “lure”. Lures attract Pokémon to a specific spot, which to attract people.

$100 will buy you 14,500 “Pokecoins” and 1 Lure Module costs 100 Pokecoins, which gives you 30 minutes of Pokémon attraction. If you buy in bulk, you could get 1 module at the rate of 85 Pokecoins. This means you can get about 85 hours (14 500 Pokecoins / 85 = 170 x 30 minutes) of potential traffic boosts for just $100.

Pokémon Lure

If you create one in an area close by to your office space – soon, there may be a lunch time crowd which you can get to know.

Here are few ideas to get gamers into your office:

  • Sponsor a portable WiFi hotspot. Whereby they would need to submit their email address to receive the password.
  • The game eats battery life, so sponsor a portable charge station.
  • Have prizes – you could have a small prize for anyone that has a Pikachu
  • Use your social media pages to advertise what you are offering Pokémon trainers.

4. Host a Pokémon Go Hunt

Host a Pokémon Go Hunt for your community which starts and ends at your office doorstep. Make it a family-friendly event and advertise the date and time of the hunt.

After your stroll around the neighborhood in search of Pokémons, invite the hunters back to your office for a little after-party where you can get to know the hunters and ascertain whether there are any prospective leads worth pursuing.

Make sure you collect contact information so that you can follow up via email.

5. Capitalize On The Craze

Safety warnings from Police departments are campaigning across the media. Reports of people walking into walls, on-coming traffic, and even graveyards. Just to catch that Pokémon.

Capitalize on these safety campaigns issued by police departments or reports of incidents. Share the reports where users have gotten hurt or even died using the game, such as this one.

From an insurance perspective, Millennials are a difficult market to tap into. Leverage off this latest craze to engage with the younger generation. Ask them whether they have thought about life insurance, should anything happen to them.

Here’s how to get the conversation going:

  • Share safety campaigns as above on your Social media and encourage people to play safely. Tie it to your insurance offering. Prompt potential clients to ensure that they have the correct amount of insurance cover.
  • Distribute targeted email campaigns about the safety warnings. Send to the people from whom you’ve collected contact details from Pokémon Go Hunts and lures.

6. Social Media

Post photos on your Social Media pages, of what the PokéStops in your area look like in real life. Share interesting stories of Pokémon encounters and ask your followers to do the same. Ask them to submit hints, tips and screenshots of their encounters.

The key is to always try to link the story back to your brand.

Here’s how:

  • If your office is or even situated near a PokéStop – post a picture of the stop. But somehow include your branding or logo to the image. Here is a good example of how a U.S bookstore has cleverly done so.

  • Create a customized Pokémon for your business. Offer some sought of prize or free gift, when these are caught and shared on social media.

Who knows how long the Pokémon craze will continue. So take advantage of the opportunities while it lasts.